Walmart Pickup – A Comprehensive Guide and How Does it Work?

Tired of wasting your time standing in long check outlines? The frustration of waiting and watching the minutes tick by can be overwhelming. But what if there is a way to skip those lines entirely? Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent, always on to go. Here, Walmart Pickup is a game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Here, it has been expanding its grocery options in the quest. So, it can compete with Amazon reportedly. And also, position itself as the store that sells everything. 

Walmart has more than 5,000 stores and counting in the US reportedly. It’s popular for its affordability, massive range of production, and speed of delivery. But with Walmart grocery delivery, Walmart pickup, Walmart Express delivery, and Walmart Plus. It can be confusing for the uninitiated to understand it. Along with how great and customizable the options are. So, to make sure you’re getting the most out of Walmart. Here are literally all your Walmart grocery options explained below. 

What is Walmart Pickup?

Walmart Pickup is a convenience service that allows you to order items online. Also, pick them up at a Walmart location of your choice. Moreover, you can skip the traditional shopping experience. Further, it can save time by selecting the item online. Once your order is ready, you can head to the designated pickup locations. It’s a hassle-free way to shop and get your essentials. Therefore, you don’t have to navigate or wait in long checkout lines. 

Walmart Pickup – Grocery Pickup

Here, these stores have no-fee grocery service. So, you can shop online at the Walmart website. Or the Walmart app for groceries and other household items. Plus, make sure to choose items that are available for pickup. Then, arrange a time to pick up your stuff for free curbside pickup. Moreover, when you arrive at the park in a designated pick-up spot. Then, Walmart staff will come out from the store. And load your purchase directly into your car. You can also pick up non-grocery items. Such as tech buys, gifts, and even toys. Most Walmart stores offer curbside pickup from 7 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Cost

  • Here, curbside pickup is free of cost. As long as you order $35 worth of groceries.  

Minimum Purchase With the Walmart Grocery Pickup 

  • However, you must spend at least $35 on your order. 
  • Otherwise, you will be charged a $6.99 fee. 
  • Therefore, see that speed below on your grocery orders for below $35. 
  • Moreover, to avoid the fee. Here, you’ve to add at least $35 worth of stuff to your cart.

Walmart Pickup – Grocery Delivery

Here, Walmart will deliver your food, drinks, and other items to you. Moreover, it’ll deliver during a time slot of your choosing. Just like you shop online or app for your items to pick up. Further, you do the same here but select “Delivery” instead. 

Walmart Grocery Delivery Costs 

  • Deliveries are $7.95 or $9.95 depending on what time slot you choose. 
  • Some slots may only be open to Walmart+ members. 

Minimum Purchase with Walmart Grocery Home Delivery

  • Here, the minimum purchase for grocery delivery is $35. 
  • If you’re below, then you’ll be charged a $6.99 fee. Along with the delivery fee. 

Walmart Pickup – Express Delivery

Here, it’s the option you want for same-day delivery under 2 hours. However, visit to see if the service is available in your store. Currently, nearly 3000 stores offer it (covering 70% of the USA population). So, shop online like you’d typically do at the Walmart website. Further, when you’re done choose Express delivery at checkout. Also, your order will be here delivered to you in 2 hours. 

Walmart Express Delivery Costs 

  • Here, it costs $10 on top of the existing delivery charges.
  • So, if your delivery fee could have been $6.95. Then, you did pay $17.95 ($10 express fee + $7.95).
  • However, Walmart+ members only pay the $10 Express fee, not the delivery charges. 
  • Because that’s free with your membership. 

Minimum Purchase with Walmart Express Delivery

  • However, Walmart dropped the $35 minimum they previously required for Express delivery. 
  • So, whether you need a last-minute ingredient or are low on diapers. Here, you can get it fast reportedly. 
  • However, you’re paying for both the regular grocery delivery fee. Along with your express surcharge. 
  • So, this service can be further added up automatically.  

Walmart Late-Night Express Delivery

  • Fortunately, Walmart expanded its Express delivery till 10:00 p.m.
  • Therefore, you will get a late-night delivery of the products. 

Advantages of Walmart Pickup 

Curbside Pickup is Free

  • When the user opts for delivery service it may cost a few bucks. 
  • But the shopping list will get delivered to your doorsteps. 
  • However, the consumers can opt for the Curbside pick-up service. 
  • So, the store chain charges no extra cost except for the products.

No Hurdles in App Usage

  • Here, it’s so easy to use even for the first time.  
  • Because it has a user-friendly interface. 

Multiple ways are present to save for users

  • In the app for Android if customers adapt to curbside pickup and delivery.
  • Then, users can be here given multiple options to save. 
  •  Because the focus has always been on benefiting the customer. 
  • And also, making them happy while shopping. 
  • Hence, the customers are their greatest strength. 
  • And making them save some bucks is essential. 

In-Home Delivery Options for Shoppers

  • Walmart offers this service without any extra cost for the users. 
  • Because it’s one of the most convenient options for online shopping. 

Disadvantages of Walmart Pickup

  • Dealing with the shortage of Inventories
  • Need to order more than $35.
  • It only provides convenience to some.
  • The rebate app does not allow cashback.
Walmart Pickup
Walmart Pickup


Walmart Pickup is a convenience service that allows you to order items online. Moreover, you can skip the traditional shopping experience. Further, it can save time by selecting the item online.


Here, we hope that all the information may satisfy your curiosity. However, we can guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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