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Vados: Hey there fellow anime enthusiasts, do fulfil your cravings for entertainment by watching anime? Moreover, have you been streaming this anime series Dragon Ball Super? Also, do you wish to gain more information and knowledge about this specific character named Vados? Well, then rest assured because you are at the right place for it. Indeed, in this blog we are going to discuss about this character in full detail. We are going to be very elaborate on this. Therefore, this will be informational along with entertaining. For the same reason, you should read this till the end.

Influence of anime and power of its content: Vados

Surely, anime has gained a lot of recognition and is very popular at the moment. Furthermore, people all around the world are fond of watching anime content. Whether we are talking about movies or series a lot of people choose anime to entertain themselves. In fact, demographically the audience that watches anime is very diverse. Here we are referring to how individuals from different age groups watch anime. Hence, anime content is full of variety which lets it cater to different individuals. In fact, anime has such a huge library of content. Therefore, people can pick and choose what they want to watch. Meanwhile, reasons for anime being so popular are its unique and interesting storylines. Also, the characters in these shows and movies are planned as well as executed perfectly. We are going to talk ahead about one such character named Vados from Dragon Ball Super series.

A famous dialogue by Vados anime character

Vados in the 41st episode of Dragon Ball Super says the following:

“Lord Champa hasn’t behaved any better, Grand Leader; just look at the shape he’s in. I tell him it’s affecting his performance, and I work so hard to give him nutritionally balanced meals, but he throws the plates on the ground, and tells me I’m a terrible cook. Oh, it breaks my heart, sire!”

Who is Vados?

Vados plays a significant supporting role in the anime series Dragon Ball Super. Indeed, her character is portrayed playing as an Angel in the narrative. Further, she is the daughter of the Grand minister. Meanwhile, she has a brother named Whis who is younger than him. She also accompanies Champa as his attendant. Evidently, Champa is the God of destruction of the Universe 6. Also, she is the martial arts teachers of Champa. In the 6th universe, she also gets regarded as the Hakaishin. Lastly, she is also known to have trained her younger brother Whis over a thousand years ago.

Vados: Anime character’s overview & details

Character name: Vados

Anime: Dragon Ball Super

Japanese name: ヴァドス, Vadosu

Alias names: Universe 6 Angel & Ms. Vados

Status: Alive

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

Occupation: Attendant & Martial arts teacher

Allegiance: Team Universe 6 & Team Universe 7


  • Grand Minister (father)
  • Awamo (brother
  • Sour (brother)
  • Camparri (brother)
  • Cognac (brother)
  • Cukatail (sibling)
  • Whis (younger brother)
  • Korn (brother)
  • Mohito (brother)
  • Kusu (eldest sister)
  • Marcarita (sister)
  • Martinu (sister)
  • Merus (younger brother)


  • Champa
  • Satan

Type of hero: mischievous angel

About the anime series Dragon Ball Super (Vados)

Dragon Ball Super is another addition in the Dragon Ball franchise. Furthermore, this anime series is based on its manga that has the same title. Evidently, the manga this is based on is wrote by Akira Toriyama. However, the credits for illustrating it goes to Toyotarau. Furthermore, this series is set in the timeline where Magin Boo has been defeated. This anime series’ narrative follows the adventures of Goku and his friends in the 10-year time gap after Magin’s defeat. Meanwhile, this anime tv series is produced by Toei Animation. Also, this anime series first aired on July 5th 2015. However, it got concluded on March 25th 2018. Besides, this anime tv series has a total of 131 episodes. Lastly, a sequel film named Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released in 2018. Indeed, this film became the highest grossing anime film of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Appearance of Vados

Vados is a humanoid who looks just like a human whereas, she is an Angel from another universe. Moreover, her body build is slim and slender. However, her character is tall. In addition, her eyes are violet in colour. Her skin is pale blue. Moving on, she has white hair which are long in length. She keeps her hair tied up in a high ponytail. Vados is known to carry around a long scepter which always has a gem that keeps floating above it. Meanwhile, she always carries her staff in the right hand. Moreover, there is a ring that levitates around her neck and it is light blue in appearance. Her clothes consist of robes that are green in colour and its shoulders are puffy. Meanwhile, she is also known to wear green tights along with white high heel shoes.

Personality and behaviour of Vados

  • Kind hearted individual
  • Straightforward attitude
  • Polite
  • Caring and considerate
  • Skilled and powerful
  • Leaves nothing to chance
  • Strong character
  • Follows orders without questioning
  • Doesn’t show affection easily
  • Composed
  • Insightful
  • Mischievous

Here is a list of powers and abilities of Vados

  • Void manipulation
  • Divinity manipulation
  • Space manipulation
  • Time manipulation
  • Matter manipulation
  • Life/Soul manipulation
  • Image projection
  • Psychic manipulation
  • Fire manipulation
  • Electricity manipulation
  • Ice manipulation
  • Air manipulation
  • Time travel
  • Cosmic awareness
  • Healing
  • Resurrection
  • Flight
  • Potential unleashing
  • Attack negation
  • Instant reaction
  • Cloning/Mimicry
  • Immortality (Natural)
  • Toon force immunity
  • Sleep induction immunity
  • Psychic manipulation immunity
  • Soul manipulation immunity
  • Power nullification immunity
  • Poison immunity


Indeed, she is a very powerful character who can be a threat in battle against many individuals in the narrative. Moreover, Dragon Ball Super does the job of further adding to the franchise perfectly. It is full of entertainment as you watch along the adventures of many characters. In conclusion, we hope that got entertained by reading this far. Also, that you got to learn new and interesting details. We tried to be as elaborate on this as possible. Lastly, if you really enjoyed reading this one, there are also other blog that you can consider checking out.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan


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