TNEB Aadhaar link: Electricity Made Easy

In today’s world technology is ruling every sector allowing essential convenience to our daily lives. Whether it is ordering the groceries or paying bills. The Tamil Nadu government has introduced a great initiative, the TNEB Aadhaar link. Moreover, it is a significant step towards enhancing the user experience in the state. Tamil Nadu Generation and distribution corporation TANGEDCO) released the operating procedure to help the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board by linking Aadhaar cards to the TNEB accounts. The links help in seamless communication with the users and the electricity board.  The officials have stated that linking Aadhaar is mandatory for the customers. However, if the users do not link their Aadhaar with TNEB, a subsidy will not given to them. Linking Aadhaar is important to qualify for the government subsidy for the first 100 units.

Moreover, some customers have faced the issue of being unable to pay bills. TANGEDCO has granted a two-day extension for the payment deadlines for bills. However, the users are eligible for the extension whose bills fall between November 24 to November 30.  The important note is that this extension of time is allowed to those users who are required to link Aadhaar.

Benefits of TNEB Aadhaar Link

Reduced paperwork–  It eliminates the paperwork and verification hassles. Moreover, it abolishes the physical visit to the electricity board.

Effortless subsidy distribution– By linking the Aadhaar with the electricity board users receive their subsidies directly into the bank account without any effort.

Fast issues resolution– If the users link the Aadhaar with the board they will get the faster resolution of the issue.

Improver security– The users can live with peace of mind with enhanced security of electricity connection and subsidies.

How to a link TNEB Aadhaar Link

First of all, you have to visit the official TNEB website. After that, locate the option of Aadhaar linking in your account. Enter your service connection number, and mobile number, and enter your captcha number, click on the enter button. OTP will generate and enter your One-time Password linked with your mobile number. Fill in your Aadhaar card number in your account as well as the name that appears on your Aadhaar card. After uploading your Aadhaar card. And then send your form, also you will get an acknowledgement receipt, and download it.

A step towards Digital India

Linking your Aadhaar with TNEB is a crucial step towards the digitalization process in India.  By linking your Aadhaar, it reduces the chances of fraud and theft. Moreover, Aadhaar is a unique identifier to an individual biometrics information. In fact, with Aadhaar linkage it becomes easier for users to pay their electricity bill online from anywhere and anytime. Data associated with the electricity account is accurate and up to date, immediately it will lead to reducing errors in billing.

As India progresses towards digitalization and is open to a connected future. The great initiative of linking Aadhaar with the electric board plays a significant role in paying the bill more efficiently and transparently.

Practical Difficulties with TNEB Aadhaar Link

TANGEDCO gives electricity to 2.33 crore domestic connections. However, some people have completed their process but the rest of the others do not. However, some of the people are not aware of this scheme. The government claims that they are starting to aware people of this process but it is not that easy. Thereafter, many people also reported about the OTP problem, they did not receive the OTP on time. Moreover, some people say that the website is very slow. Also, sometimes people face the problem that they get the bill on the deceased family member. They have to visit the official department regularly or frequently to change the Aadhaar that is linked to the electricity board of Tamil Nadu, said by news article.

Why TNEB Aadhaar Link is important?

Linking your Adhaar with your TNEB Aadhaar link account makes the simple verification process. Moreover, it also reduces the paperwork. Through this website, people get information on their bills and concerns issues in a very short time. People of Tamil Nadu can pay their bills online while sitting at their homes. Moreover, people get their subsidies directly into the account.

TNEB Aadhaar link
TNEB Aadhaar link


It’s a crucial step toward digital India and TNEB Aadhaar link is a great initiative to simplify living. By linking the Aadhaar card with the TNEB board people of Tamil Nadu can pay their bills online from anywhere. Linking Aadhaar helps in simplifying and streamlining the process. Moreover, it also eliminates the chances of fraud and theft. Holding The unique features of Aadhaar like Biometric authentication, ensure a more accurate and secure system.


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