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Kenma: Hello there, do you like to watch anime series and movies in your leisure time to entertain yourself? Moreover, have you been streaming this anime Tv series titled Haikyu? Lastly, would you like to know more about its specific character named Kenma? Well, then consider yourself at the right place. Evidently, in this blog we are going to talk about this anime character elaborately. Meanwhile, we will dive deep into detail while discussing the character, the anime series, character’s appearance and personality. Therefore, this is going to be entertaining and informational at the same time. For the same reason, you should read this till the end.

A famous dialogue by the anime character Kenma in the narrative of this anime series Haikyu

While talking to himself, Kenma says the following dialogue:

“I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them. And yet, I’m very concerned about what others think about me.”

Character overview and details of Kenma

Character name: Kenma Kozume

Anime Name: Haikyu

Japanese name: 孤爪 研磨

Alias Names:

  • Nekoma’s Brain
  • Pudding Head
  • Kodzuken
  • Kyanma

Status: Alive

Gender: male

Species: Human

DOB: October 16th 1995

Age: 16-17

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Affiliation: Nekoma High

Position: Setter


  • High school student
  • Professional gamer
  • Youtuber
  • CEO of Bouncing Ball Corp.

Kenma: About the anime series “Haikyu”

Haikyu is a very popular anime series from Japan. Moreover, the title Haikyu refers to Volleyball. The title is showcased as “Haikyu!!”. Furthermore, it is based on its manga series that has the same title. Evidently, Haruichi Furudate is the one who wrote and illustrated this manga. In addition, this anime TV series is full of comedy and sports. In fact, this anime series first aired on April 6th 2014. However, it got concluded on December 19th 2020. This anime television series was produced by Production I.G. Thereafter, it aired on MBS. Its first season that consisted a total of 25 episodes aired from April to September of 2014. Thereafter more season followed. Lastly, it is a whole franchise as there has been various movies released as sequels.

Kenma: The plot of the anime series “Haikyu”

The plot of this anime series follows around a junior high school student named Shoyo Hinata. Moreover, he gets obsessed with volleyball after watching the team play in a competitive match. Specifically, when the volleyball team of Karasuno High School was playing in the nationals live on TV. Thereafter, he gets influenced and inspired a lot. Then he decides to join the volleyball team of his school. Therefore, this anime series covers the adventures and life of him along with other members who join in on the team. Lastly, he is the one who convinces other students to join and practice.

Who is Kenma Kozume?

Kenma used to be a second-year student attending Nekoma high. Moreover, he was even part of their volleyball team. Specifically, he was the setter of the team. Meanwhile, his teammates regarded him as the brain and heart of the team. However, later he graduates from there. Thereafter, he becomes a university going student as of 2018. Meanwhile, he is a jack of many trades. Professionally, he followed many pathways. For example, he was a stock trader, professional gamer and a youtuber. Meanwhile, he is also the CEO of his own company that is named Bouncing Ball Corp.

Kenma Kozume’s Appearance and fashion style

The character of Kenma is portrayed to have an average height. Moreover, his body build is very small. Also, his body posture can be described as being unsteady. However, he has many fascinating features. For example, he has golden eyes which are shaped to resemble a cat’s eyes. In addition, his hair is blonde in colour. However, the roots of his hair are black.

Meanwhile, his fashion mostly favours casual clothing. However, his Nekoma uniform consists of a standard jersey that is red and black in colour. He is known to carry around a portable game console as well as a cell phone with him. Previously, he had dyed his hair which were naturally black in colour. Furthermore, the reason for him keeping his hair at that length is that he does not like his vision to be too broad. However, some time later he allows his hair to grow even longer.

Personality and behaviour of Kenma Kozume

In the narrative of this anime series, his character usually stays very quiet. Hence, he only speaks out when there is a need for it. Also, he has a very composed personality. His character can be very evaluative and analytical in many situations. Evidently, he rarely known to lose his temper and get triggered. However, the same is with his excitement. He does not get as much excited as one would expect him to in certain situations. In contrast, the only exception is when he is playing video games. As he has a very reserved and kept-to-himself nature.

Therefore, he does not let others know about his opinions in most cases. He cares a lot about what others might think of him. Due to him being shy, he also looks very unapproachable to other individuals. Hence, he struggles to make and keep friendships. Lastly, he only involves himself in things and activities that prove to be of interest to him.

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