How to Send Cartoon Snap & Use Other Fun Lenses

Experience Snapchat magic with this simple instruction to utilize Cartoon Lenses to change your face into various funny creatures. Learn how to launch Snapchat, pick a lens, and take an innovative Snap in this guide. 

The article includes wacky lenses like Sparkling Glitter Cartoon and Cartoon Kid, which bring a little fun to everything. Explore artistic expression with basic lessons and share animated send a snap with the cartoon face lens. This article aims to provide a fun and engaging Snapchat experience so your selfies may be a vibrant reflection of you.

Using a Cartoon Lens

  • Open Snapchat on your phone or tablet.
  • Snapchat automatically switches to the front-facing camera. Click the two-arrow-in-a-square symbol in the upper right corner. Switching to the rear camera lets you use the Lens on someone else.
  • Lenses add special effects in real-time using facial recognition.
  • You’ll utilize lenses before and filters after taking or recording your Snap. Snaps support several lenses and filters.
  • Camera screens show it at the bottom. The screen’s base Lens carousel will enlarge.

Select a joyful face

  1. Keep your phone far away. Doing so will reveal your whole face.
  • Be sure to capture the subject’s whole face while photographing someone.
  • Verify enough lighting. Face recognition won’t perform appropriately at night.
  1. Choose Explore
  • Check the device’s bottom right corner.
  1. Press “cartoon” to choose the first lens symbol
  • Simply put “Snapchat” underneath it, and it works. “Cartoon 3D Style” and “Cartoon Kid” are two of numerous Snapchat “cartoon” lenses; choose one you like.
  • If you like this Lens, click Favorite. In the future, this will make it accessible.
  1. Take a snapshot
  • First, find the right cartoon lens. Then, hold the Capture button to record yourself. The Capture button lets you capture a picture with one push.
  • After taking the shot, you may change the preview’s length by tapping the stopwatch symbol on the right.
  1. Send the Snappy
  • After clicking next, the screen may provide a list of friends who may view your Snap and post it to your Story. After choosing a partner, click the aircraft symbol in the lower right corner.
  • Your Snap featured a cartoon character’s face in the Lens!

Most Popular Snapchat Cartoon Lenses

  • Cartoon Lens

Snapchat released this earlier Lens in 2020 to give you a Disney character appearance by modifying your hair, eyebrows, and eyes.

  • Anime Lens

This Lens creates a Japanese painting-like effect. Its 2020 TikTok publishing date—a site where videos go viral—also helped.

  • 3d Lens

This Lens turns you into a cartoon and adds glitter to your Snaps, videos, or pictures. It gives your face a Disney-like makeover. Press the screen after selecting the Lens to dazzle!

  • Kids’ Cartoon Lens

This Lens makes your face seem like a cartoon and reduces it to a child’s skull.


Use this article to guide your face into a cute Snapchat cartoon! Learning it is easy. This article shows you how to wear glasses that transform you into Disney or cartoon characters. Start Snapchat, choose a lens, and snap a picture or video. 

After that, tell your friends! Other renowned lenses include the Cartoon Lens and Anime Mode Lens. You may add glitter to these glasses for a unique appearance. Following the basic instructions will guide you. It’s an excellent tutorial for playing with cool effects and making better images.

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